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For some, life is a huge question mark.  What should I do? How do I get there? Why should I do this? What else is there for me?

The Student Mastery Experience is specifically designed to guide students, no matter where they are with regard to their academic status. Rami shows particular care to students transitioning into the professional world since he has experienced many who have made bad decisions, wrong career paths and have regretted it their entire lives. Rami also started working at a very young age while studying, thus you will learn the techniques and tools to excel in all aspects.

Whether relocation, changing career, finding a career or just knowing the true art of being a student; Rami will teach you and influence you on the right path to pursue so that everything you do is in line with your life ambitions, current or modified trajectory. No matter how far we go in our lives, we always remain students. As such, you will learn that there are truly no boundaries as to what you can do and how to get there.

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Family Time
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Starting a Business
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Financial Management
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Career Search
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Talent Assessments


Over five days, the Student Mastery Experience will help you understand the critical factors that constitute being an academic student, during all ages. Here you will be able to learn and refocus your priorities as to what you aim to accomplish from your studies. While most simply aim for academic excellence, earning top grades; others focus on networking opportunities to guarantee a positive outcome upon graduation. The Student Mastery Experience teaches you how to obtain the best of every perspective including your academic, private and professional life.


Day 1: Understanding the Core Principles to Create an Effective Network

Day 2: Strategic Innovation, Tracking and Career Placement

Day 3: Optimisation & Maximisation

Day 4: Starting a Business while Studying

Day 5: Integration


​Online Experience: 250 EUR excluding VAT, per person

Live Experience: 1,000 EUR excluding VAT, per person

The Student Mastery Experience, just as all Experiences are by default a 5-day program.  All Experiences may either be delivered as a 5-day program or for a duration based on the client's needs

Every participant will obtain a certificate at the end of the Experience.

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