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Everyone Can Learn to Live, to Lead and to Work Well.

No One Should Do It Alone.

Rami Georgiou-Botaris knows a thing or two about life, about leadership as well as about business. Having rewritten and recreated his life to make it become what he always wanted it to be, he had to learn as well as to put everything in place on his own.


It is through this ultimate experience that it was his desire to create this company, this academy; so that you would never have to go through it all, alone.


Whether your goal is to better yourself or make waves that change the world, there are many ways to feel the call to lead. We are here to help you answer it, and we know without a doubt that you can get there. All it takes is a clear and positive desire, a clear plan, extensive and permanent learning followed by daily practice to lead as well as to implement powerful, positive change for your life and/or your business.


Georgiou-Botaris Knowledge Academy


Books on table


Grounded in the principles from Rami Georgiou-Botaris,  values-based life and business principles from someone who has created a life from nothing.

Weights in corner of room


Nearly a decade of transforming lives and businesses around the world through practical life, leadership and business principles used by Rami Georgiou-Botaris himself, taught to everyday people, major corporations, and governments alike.

Crowd in a coffee shops


Sharing new wisdom is at the forefront of everything that we teach, treating each individual as the individual that they are, revealing and enhancing the gifts that were born or that were developed within them.

Spiral of possibility


Multiplying the personal, leadership and professional capacity of everyone we speak to, exponentially increasing our collective ability to change the world for the better.

Become Empowered To Lead Powerful, Positive Change In:

Meditating to become better


Jumpstart your growth to reach your full leadership potential.

Doing paperwork


Build a culture of strong performance and identity that propel your business forward.

A crowd going about their life


Build a culture of strong respect, integrity and performance that build leaders within every one of your employees.

Writing down ideas


Who are you? What do you wish to be remembered for? What would you like to instill in others when they see you, when they speak to you and/or when they work with you?

Taking important notes


How are you maximising the potential of your student experience, regardless of the level at which you are studying?

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