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As organisations face increasing competition to attract and retain the best people in the market, the need to accurately identify prospective and current employee performance and fit has become of the highest importance.  In order to do this, businesses need to understand what drives both the individual and the organisation to perform.  Our Human Capital Mastery Experience enables both organisations and individuals to make confident, data-driven decisions, and correctly predict and invest in growing and harnessing the right career path.

With us, we will provide you with all of the guidanace, tools and capabilities that will help develop and manage your human capital; or from an individual perspective, your career path to build a fruitful life.

The importance of total rewards
Total Rewards
The importance of talent management
Talent Management
The importance of change management
Change Management
Designing organisations
Organisation Design
Working in executive compensation
Executive Compensation
Mapping my career
Focusing on human resources
Career Mapping
Strategic Human Resources
Should I take a talent assessment
Talent Assessments


Over five days, the Human Capital Mastery Experience will help you understand the critical factors and necessary tools that you need to implement, create and expand a strong and dynamic workforce; both from the intellectual and financial standpoint. For some, reward is their motivation, as such their talent should be harnessed in addition to their motivation being cherished so that the maximum result may be delivered. For others, climbing the ladder and career mapping is what motivates them, so you need to consider this motivator when designing your workforce over the long-term. Developing a competitive advantage for the human capital at your disposal is of the utmost importance because without a sense of direction, such talent will leave for your competitors.


Day 1: Understanding the Core Principles to Create an Effective Network

Day 2: Strategic Innovation, Tracking and Career Placement

Day 3: Talent Optimisation & Maximisation

Day 4: Financial Optimisation & Maximisation

Day 5: Integration


​Online Experience: 250 EUR excluding VAT, per person

Live Experience: 1,000 EUR excluding VAT, per person

The Human Capital Mastery Experience, just as all Experiences are by default a 5-day program.  All Experiences may either be delivered as a 5-day program or for a duration based on the client's needs

Every participant will obtain a certificate at the end of the Experience.

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